Strengthening America's Workforce

Workforce Development Services


We specialize in developing CUSTOM training curriculums to strengthen YOUR EXISTING workforce. 

  • For example, does your administrative staff need stronger computer skills? We can provide Microsoft Office Certification at our training center or on-site. Do you need special emphasis on Excel? We can adjust the curriculum to match YOUR staff needs! 
  •  Programs available in  Healthcare, Office/Administrative/Computer & Manufacturing 

We specialize in SCREENING and training job seekers to meet YOUR need for NEW STAFF. 

  • We utilize our human resource networks to find and screen the employees YOU need and upgrade their skills through training to fit YOUR staffing needs. We look for YOUR input into our curriculum to make sure it EXACTLY matches your current hiring needs! 
  •  Do you need new Medical Assistants to have familiarity with a new screening test? Become an employer-partner and we will add it to our curriculum right away!  

We specialize in GRANT CONSULTATION and GRANT WRITING to help you secure funds to develop your workforce.

American Training Center will use the BEST instructors, BEST curriculum designers, BEST job placement specialists and BEST consultants to strengthen your workforce!  

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